Hoard of the Dragon Queen

episode 4
on the road

caravan_camp.jpg The group made way from the abandoned camp back to greenest where they stayed for the night. They then left the next morning following the trade road to Scornubel. Other than a run in with some gypses and a couple of hungry ogers the trip was easy going. Once in Scornubel they bought water passage to Eturel where they met up with their contacts Leosin and Ontharr Frume. The meeting takes place in a tavern called “A Pair of Black Antlers”. Ontharr is a broad-shouldered paladin proudly displaying the symbol of the Order of the Gauntlet on his chest. He is a jolly, loud fellow in much contrast to the slim humble monk. Frume’s squire shows the party to a private room where they discuss the cult of the dragon with a hand full of scholars and concerned leaders of the sword coast. The characters are also offered a chance to join the the Harpers or the Order of the Gauntlet. Thanks to the party the Harpers now know that the cult is amassing treasure and shipping it north. Where exactly this treasure is going and what the cult plans to do with it are the next two questions that need answering. The characters agree to travel to Baldur’s gate and get on the caravan traveling north with the cultist to get some answers. Frume has a contact in the city named Ackryn Selebon who is a trader that can get the party work on the caravan.
From Eutrel they made their way down river to Baldur’s gate. Before they reached their contact they seen a half dragon in a screened palanquin. They try to persue but loose it and burn down a building in an attempt to corner this individual who they know is of great importance to the cult. After they meet their contact ,Ackyn, they do some dealing to get onto a caravan leaving in a day with some of the suspected cultist wagons.
The fist couple days are uneventful until a noble with protection joins the caravan. He has starved and sickly horses and is abusive towards them. Kor questions the noble and things quickly escalate.

episode 3
The Hatchery

When they return to Greenest, Leosin asks the group to hide outside the camp and observe anything taking place. He tells them to meet him at the distant city of Elturel, to report their findings and collect their reward. If Leosin has moved on, the adventures are to contact a man by the name Ontharr Frume in his home in Elturel. The heroes return to the Cultists camp to find it deserted, the army scattered to the four winds. A small hunting party is observed cleaning a recent kill in the remains of the camp, and a small cave opening can be seen in the distant wall of the ridge surrounding the camp.

Episode 2
The raider camp

The next morning, our heroes are approached by an injured monk who requests that they find any information or clues about his missing senpai, Leosin Erlanthar. The governor approaches later that morning, offering a mission and great wealth for them to locate the nearby cultists encampment and to gather as much as information as possible about their camp. They follow the obvious path and encounter a small squad of stragglers. The stragglers don’t have much, but warn them of a nearby platoon of highly trained rear guard. The group is able to skirt around the threat of the rear guard and is able to locate the cultist camp. They carefully observe the camp and are able to create a diversion byskillfully toppling a guard’s tower and scaling the steep cliff to save a badly beaten prisoner who they later learn is the monk Leosin they were asked to find.

Episode 1
Greenest in flames

A group of adventures was hired by a local merchant caravan to serve as an armed guard for the merchants. The trip was going well and uneventful until the evening; they approached the town of Greenest where they see many pillars of smoke rising up and a giant shadow circling in the skies above. It was a massive blue dragon that was lazily veering towards the caravan. The adventures had no choice; in the open plains all they could hope to do was seek shelter in the already besieged town. Fighting and dodging through alleys and hordes of kobolds, finally they reached to keep just as its gates were crashing closed. There, they were met by Nighthill, the governor of Greenest. The governor informs the adventures he has no idea who would be attacking them or why. After several small missions and a brutal interrogation of a prisoner, they learn the attack was orchestrated by cultist from a nearby camp to the southeast. Just before dawn, a women in purple robes emerged from the shadows leading a large entourage of half dragon warriors. Her voice magically echoes across the battlefield issuing a challenge to all that could hear, “Send forth your mightiest champion that he may duel my champion in honorable combat.” The adventures accept, but were quickly outclassed and resort to more deceptive means to try and defeat her mighty half dragon champion, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. The party is able to hold of the massive beast of a man with their skill, luck and trickery, eventually driving him back and forcing the champion to retreat under a storm of arrows and cheers from the people of Greenest

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