Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Episode 1

Greenest in flames

A group of adventures was hired by a local merchant caravan to serve as an armed guard for the merchants. The trip was going well and uneventful until the evening; they approached the town of Greenest where they see many pillars of smoke rising up and a giant shadow circling in the skies above. It was a massive blue dragon that was lazily veering towards the caravan. The adventures had no choice; in the open plains all they could hope to do was seek shelter in the already besieged town. Fighting and dodging through alleys and hordes of kobolds, finally they reached to keep just as its gates were crashing closed. There, they were met by Nighthill, the governor of Greenest. The governor informs the adventures he has no idea who would be attacking them or why. After several small missions and a brutal interrogation of a prisoner, they learn the attack was orchestrated by cultist from a nearby camp to the southeast. Just before dawn, a women in purple robes emerged from the shadows leading a large entourage of half dragon warriors. Her voice magically echoes across the battlefield issuing a challenge to all that could hear, “Send forth your mightiest champion that he may duel my champion in honorable combat.” The adventures accept, but were quickly outclassed and resort to more deceptive means to try and defeat her mighty half dragon champion, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. The party is able to hold of the massive beast of a man with their skill, luck and trickery, eventually driving him back and forcing the champion to retreat under a storm of arrows and cheers from the people of Greenest


Wulvgard Wulvgard

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