Gruffunn Strongforge

hill dwarf cleric


Grew up at a time when the clans were constantly fighting one another over trivial matters. Sometime after he became adult got fed up with the foolishness of the constant fighting and general shortsightedness of his people. Decided to leave his village and travel, hoping to find somewhere where fools didn’t shape the world of those around them.

In his wanderings, he found some level of peace in the simplicity of life when not surrounded by fools. This opened him up to search for a greater meaning in life, which led him to the service of Ilmater.

Has found there are fools even among his fellow clerics, but believes that the sufferance of such fools is required to show his faith in Ilmater, the god of endurance. Likewise, believes in helping those fools who find themselves perpetually in bad situations, though often a result of their own poor decisions.
GM Notes (Only visible to GM)

Gruffunn Strongforge

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