Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Episode 2

The raider camp

The next morning, our heroes are approached by an injured monk who requests that they find any information or clues about his missing senpai, Leosin Erlanthar. The governor approaches later that morning, offering a mission and great wealth for them to locate the nearby cultists encampment and to gather as much as information as possible about their camp. They follow the obvious path and encounter a small squad of stragglers. The stragglers don’t have much, but warn them of a nearby platoon of highly trained rear guard. The group is able to skirt around the threat of the rear guard and is able to locate the cultist camp. They carefully observe the camp and are able to create a diversion byskillfully toppling a guard’s tower and scaling the steep cliff to save a badly beaten prisoner who they later learn is the monk Leosin they were asked to find.


Wulvgard Wulvgard

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